The Chaplain's Appointment Process in Outline

Faith body representatives responsible for tertiary placements meet with those to be considered by CCTI as chaplains, and nominate campus locations for their work.

  • Applicants complete the accreditation form and forward it to the CCTI secretary with letters from their referees, and a current police check.

  • Applicants are interviewed by two members of the CCTI, and where required by other University staff.

  • Successful applicants are recommended by CCTI for work on campus via a letter to the Vice-Chancellor.

  • New chaplains attend a CCTI training seminar and a chaplaincy orientation event.

  • Chaplains receive a letter of welcome from the Vice-Chancellor to work on a designated campus according to their agreed contact times.

  • Chaplains present to the Director of Student/ Community Services to begin work on campus. They receive an ID card as honorary staff members.