The Accreditation Process in Outline

Nominated representatives from each faith body or the committee Chair in the case of those tertiary institutions having a local committee which funds chaplaincy liaise with the CCTI secretary and their own representative on CCTI regarding possible Chaplaincy appointments. This should occur well before any formal offering for ministry on a particular campus.

  1. The person nominated completes the application form and sends it to the CCTI secretary together with their letters of recommendation and a current police check (certified copy) and copy of their Working with Children's Check. CCTI meets four times each year (usually March, June, August, and November); so any applications for the coming new year should be received for consideration by the August meeting of CCTI. The Council will appoint two members of its Executive to interview the applicant. They may consult with the appropriate staff in the tertiary institution to which the person is to be appointed and may also co-opt an appropriate staff member from that institution onto the interview panel.

  2. CCTI corresponds with the faith body or university Chaplaincy committee and the applicant regarding the suggested date and time for an interview. A brief interview (around one hour duration) is held at one of the university campuses.

  3. The CCTI Executive will make a recommendation regarding an appointment to the Council, which will then make the final decision regarding accreditation.

  4. Where the interview outcome is successful, the CCTI writes directly to the Vice-Chancellor to request accreditation of the chaplain as honorary staff member to the university, outlining the contact times and duration of the chaplain's appointment. In the case of an unsuccessful outcome, applicants are advised to stay in touch with their denominational representative regarding any future applications and/or relevant training and review.

  5. Some Universities are also conducting introductory interviews as they asses the needs of their campus. It is up to the University to decide whether or not to accept the accredited chaplain to be present on their campus.