Tertiary Chaplaincy

Tertiary chaplains are accredited by CCTI to work on campuses of higher education. A major focus of their work is offering spiritual support and pastoral care to all students and staff, including those from their own particular faith community.

Via their networks with students and staff on campus and links to other community faith groups, chaplains have a key role in integrating spirituality with 'all the business of life' in the context of academic and research activity. They actively encourage a holistic approach to education which reflects that central purpose of a University in working for the common good of society.

Challenges in Chaplaincy work are increasing in the present era of the "global-internet" Universities, accompanied by significant changes in how tertiary education is being delivered and accessed. Such changes require commitments from faith bodies for the long-term, in appointing viable Chaplaincy teams of full-time and part-time personnel working on campus; and networking between campuses and local faith communities. Each University will view and express chaplaincy in different forms. It is important that chaplains on campus are connected well within their oversight departments, meeting the needs and requirements as set out by the University.